Tough as nails with a sleek sense of style.
Laura Keenan Automotive Voice Actor. Tough as nails with a sleek sense of style.


Laura Keenan Voice Actor


The time is now for a strong female voice over talent who will engage your specific audience.  I created this page so you can hunt down the tone or genre you would like to hear my voice in.  You will find some fun, playful tones, smooth, sophistication and many others.  The samples have no music bed underneath so you can simply hear my sound in your ears and, if you like, you can download and add some music so you can hear how I sound with your choices.

So sit back, relax and have a listen to the tones or genres you are looking for to make your next voice over project amazing.  Then, call, text or email and we can get started creating a very successful project for your next client.

I am very easy to work with, highly directable and have a pro studio so files will be delivered with excellent sound.  


laura keenan vo is a source connect studio


Laura can be reached any time of day via text of cell phone. You can be assured that she is professional, reliable and directable and approaches all her work as a class act.

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Photography by Miguel Perez

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