Tough as nails with a sleek sense of style.
Laura Keenan Political Voice Actor. Tough as nails with a sleek sense of style.
Laura Keenan Voice Actor



Laura Keenan is a 2 time Pollie Award Winner 2023 “Best In Show”  for Candidate Ads and has been the voiceover talent for Political Candidates across the United States – TV, Radio & Digital.  She provides you with a political voiceover that gives you the personality and opinion you need to get your political message across and attract more supporters.  Her rich and textured voice will drive your campaign or advocacy ad home.  She is highly directable and always meets the deadlines that the fast paced political world requires.

Candidate Positive Ads:  Laura evokes inspiration and authority so your future voters really resonate with the candidates platform issues.

Candidate Negative Ads:  Laura gives you that sass and swagger necessary for your attack ads.  That true grit necessary to drive the point home.  She can be subtle or an aggressive force – whichever your campaign commands.

Issue Positive Ads:  Laura fills you with warmth and relatability so listeners feel the power their support can provide.

Issue Negative Ads:  Laura provides that sense of urgency to take action now!  Coupled with her ingrained authority and believability, she makes your advocacy messages stick in peoples memories driving them to make a difference.

Amusing Ads:  Laura has fun with these by infusing her sarcastic witt into the copy.  Don’t worry – she’ll get your message across!

Laura Keenan is a full time voiceover talent who takes her business seriously and has a professional in home studio equipped with a 416 Sennheiser microphone, Apollo Solo Interface and Adobe Audition Daw.  Source Connect Standard License:  laurakeenan

laura keenan vo is a source connect studio


Laura can be reached any time of day via text of cell phone. You can be assured that she is professional, reliable and directable and approaches all her work as a class act.

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